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Hourglass Bodies LLC | Brand Story

Based in North Chesterfield, Virginia, Hourglass Bodies offers natural, non-invasive body contouring and therapeutic beauty treatments to women struggling to lose weight and looking to find renewed confidence and emotional healing.

A Story of Hope


As women, our bodies are a map of the lives we’ve lived: children brought into the world, adventures had, challenges faced and illnesses suffered. Hourglass Bodies was inspired by personal experience when our founder, Lee Bell watched her best friend struggle with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and saw how the subsequent weight gain affected her life. The hormonal disorder meant that no matter how disciplined her friend was with her healthy diet and regular exercise, she simply couldn’t lose the stubborn excess fat. Then, in 2018 Lee received devastating news: her mother had stage three ovarian cancer. She watched her mother bravely take on the disease, the steroids and chemotherapy treatment taking their toll, causing internal cell damage and weight gain. 

Feeling utterly powerless, Lee became dedicated to doing what she could to alleviate at least some of her loved ones’ suffering. With the approval of each of their doctors, she was able to use her PureSculpt Ice Therapy to help both her best friend and her mother lose weight, reduce stretch marks, and tighten skin, giving them more confidence and helping them to find hope again. Now cancer-free and in remission, her mother is able to enjoy her new lease on life with renewed confidence and vitality. The experience ignited a passion for helping other women find the same body positivity and so, Hourglass Bodies was born.

Ground-breaking Therapeutic Treatments

At Hourglass Bodies, we create a safe space for healing to occur, tailoring therapeutic treatments to each of our clients’ personal needs. Our innovative, non-surgical PureSculpt Ice treatment is perfect for women looking to lose stubborn excess fat or improve the appearance of loose skin and stretch-marks. It is gentle, all natural, and requires no machines or surgery, meaning that clients can expect instant results with an average reduction of 2 to 4 inches in just one session. Unlike other treatments which have limited sessions, PureSculpt clients can have up to three individualized sessions per week, allowing for a powerful transformation in a short space of time.

We also offer WoodSculpt, Ultrasound Cavitation, HI-EMT Sculpt, Radio-frequency, Vacuum therapy , Sudatonic Body Shaping Wrap, and Laser Lipo, so that our clients can choose from an array of body contouring treatments and innovative therapeutic techniques that offer impactful results.

More than Skin Deep


We understand better than most, the importance of a positive body image. It’s about reconnecting with your authentic, beautiful self and genuinely embracing your body with love. We believe our treatments are about so much more than enhancing your appearance; they are a form of self-care, which allows you to develop more confidence and a radiance that shines from the inside out. All too often, we put everyone else’s needs ahead of our own; it is our aim to help women empower themselves, by nurturing their bodies as they embark on their personal beauty journeys.

Find out how we can help you rediscover your body’s natural beauty.

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